ELAC’s Reference Series Refines Debut Range

Posted on 15th January, 2020

ELAC’s Reference Series Refines Debut Range

Style and sonics converge and complement in ELAC’s new Debut Reference Series, which comprises of standmount, floorstanding and centre speakers. 

The Debut Reference Series isn’t just a pimped-up take on the acclaimed Debut Series but marks a distinct refinement in both its visual and audio integrity. 

Acoustic engineer Andrew Jones created ELAC’s Debut Series to introduce a fine-sounding speaker at an affordable price, and further enhanced them with the 2.0 version. But now, with the design rehabilitation given to the Debut Reference range, the speakers sport a visual signature that matches their sonic superiority.

Jones is a legendary name in hi-fi, having worked as chief acoustic engineer at companies like KEF, Infinity, TAD and Pioneer, where he established a reputation for creating great-sounding speakers for not much cash outlay. He has been Vice-President of Engineering for German company ELAC since 2015, hence the creation of the Debut range. 

Extensive improvements to the sonic characteristics of the Debut Reference speakers were achieved by a combination of strong internal bracing, more sophisticated crossover and a host of other adjustments and tweaks, including a new dual-port design created for more dynamic low frequency performance. 

As Andrew Jones explains: 

In the new version, I’ve gone for a stronger, stiffer cabinet with much better peripheral bracing on the inside. I’ve put the moving parts and magnet on a cast aluminium chassis so it’s much stronger and you don’t get the resonance. The tweeter is mostly the same, but it has a new waveguide to better integrate it to the baffle and a new, more open grille mesh to not roll off the very top end. Along with that, I’ve upgraded the crossover, and the front-mounted vent has now become a slot vent which is flared on the inside and outside so it can get lower noise.

The ELAC Debut Reference speakers feature 6.5-inch Aramid Fiber woofers (one on the bookshelf and three on the floorstander), while the centre channel speaker employs the same tweeter and driver. 

Where earlier versions of the Debut weren’t exactly pretty, the Reference has several aesthetic improvements, including an attractive satin-painted front baffle (available in white or black) and a quality veneer wrap on the cabinet (available in oak or walnut-look). The attractive cloth grilles are now held in place by magnets rather than screws or knobs. 

Available now in Australia, the DBR62 standmount speakers retail for $999, while the DFR52 floorstanding speakers roll-out at $2399. The centre speaker rounds out the range for a mere $799. 

For more information, visit ELAC.


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