EarMen Steps Up with CH-AMP Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Posted on 20th June, 2022

EarMen Steps Up with CH-AMP Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier

After attracting a strong following with its small portable devices in the headphone market, EarMen Audio is back with its CH-AMP fully balanced headphone amplifier with excellent features and a linear power supply unit.

The fully balanced architecture is a welcome inclusion for desktop head-fi enthusiasts, along with gain control, output power up to 3.8 watts, and a claimed “ultra-low THD and SNR”.

EarMen says it has utilised a composite amplifier topology, with “the composite op-amp bringing the best of both worlds with excellent DC and AC characteristics.” The company continues:

These amplifiers offer several advantages over other types of amplifiers. Power amplifiers typically use thermal feedback loops, thus causing serious errors while driving heavy loads. These errors occur due to self-heating. The use of the composite can remove such errors and improves the performance of the circuitry. The composite amplifiers also offer better DC output offset. The excess of the load placed on the output transistors does not affect offset voltage.

Adding to overall performance is the inclusion of a linear power supply that the company says “made without compromise, using the best components and the latest circut design. EarMen Linear power supply is reliable, simplistic and produce minimal noise.” 

For the full specifications, visit the manufacturer's webpage. Available now, the EarMen Audio CH-AMP will sell in Australia for $2,400 RRP.

For more information visit EarMen Audio


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