EarMen Portable Audio DACs Arrive in Australia

Posted on 17th October, 2020

EarMen Portable Audio DACs Arrive in Australia

Enjoy music without the limitations. That's the catchcry of European portable audio specialists, EarMen, which thanks to Sydney-based distributor Radiance Audio Visual, its product range is now available in Australia.

Its range of portable audio DACs is small but affordable and versatile. EarMen says it best:

The world of mobile audio is changing by the day, with headphone jacks having all but vanished from smartphones, and device manufacturers choosing to prioritize wireless streaming rather than the quality of your listening experience. Bluetooth earphones offer us an ease of experience in our day to day listening, but what about those of us who still prefer to embrace quality over convenience with our audio? How is one to enjoy a high-end cabled earphone or headphone when the phone containing our music does not even possess the means with which to connect our cabled device?

That's where EarMen come in. With decades of experience developing award-winning high-end amplification and audio processing equipment for both home and desktop audio, EarMen promises “the highest quality audio experience while granting you the freedom to enjoy your music without limitations.”

The current range is designed and engineered by Milomir “Miki” Trosic, founder of EarMen's sister and high-end audio company Auris Audio. Its products are designed in the USA where the company now calls home and manufactured in Europe.

Three core products include the TR-AMP which is a battery-powered USB DAC and Headphone Amp ($480 RRP), EAGLE  USB Headphone Amp and DAC ($220 RRP), and the SPARROW pocket-friendly USB DAC, Preamp and Headphone Amp ($400 RRP).

Radiance AV says the addition of EarMen to its portfolio is “keeping in line with the company's shift to the Hi-Fi space”, and complements its line of Meze headphones brand which it also distributes.

EarMen products are available now.

For more information visit EarMen


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