Don’t Be Left Behind In The Remote Control Revolution

Posted on 20th May, 2021

Don’t Be Left Behind In The Remote Control Revolution

There's a misconception that home automation solutions are only for the ultra-wealthy for use in their super-yachts and mega-mansions. While this may once have been the case, customised and tailored remote solutions are now within reach of everyone, and they're sure to make your life a whole lot easier.

At worst, your coffee table is probably a storage device for a plethora of remote controls, and at best, you're probably relying on so-called smart remotes and the often-unreliable CEC to control multiple devices. While they work, how often do you find yourself hitting the HELP button on a remote to try and get something to switch to the correct input or power state? Even so, with the announcement that Logitech has exited the remote control business, what does the future hold for those millions of ageing remotes? 

Enter URC Automation, a brand you likely haven't heard of until now, but a global leader that has sold over 100 million remote controls in the last ten years alone.

URC's Total Control platform is a virtually limitless solution to control all devices across multiple rooms if desired, or simply a one-stop solution for your main living room. It's fuss-free, reliable, and the building block of a fully scalable home automation solution. Let's be clear; it's not a replacement for Logitech in that the end-user cannot program it. Your local expert does that, but it's also far more capable, and once programmed, URC will provide years of reliable service. 

Right now, there's never been a better time to invest in URC Home Automation with an exceptional value introductory offer. The process is simple - fill out the form on the URC offer page, name your devices, and your installer will be in contact to understand how you use your home entertainment system. From there, it will be programmed and customised for you, and you'll either be visited by your local installer or guided on how to connect up your new URC system. 

The introductory offer includes two packages. The URC AV Starter Pack 1 costs just $695 for the MRX-5 controller, app control via your smart devices, and professional programming for up to four supported devices. The URC AV Starter Pack 2 costs $1,295 and includes the MRX-5 controller, TRC-820 remote control, and professional programming for up to four supported devices. 

Further customisation, programming of additional devices, and even additional remotes can all be added later. As your system changes or evolves, so too can your URC system with a quick call to your local programmer. Many changes can even be done remotely with no on-site visit required.

So don't be caught out when support for your existing 'smart' remote is suddenly discontinued, and embrace URC home automation for a future proof, tested and reliable remote solution for your home entertainment system.

To take advantage of the introductory offer visit URC


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