Posted on 21st August, 2019


We woke to the news yesterday that media giant Disney has announced the Australian and New Zealand launch date for its Disney + streaming platform. 

The service is scheduled to make its debut Downunder on November 12th.

Subscribers will be able to access content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. In addition to feature-length films such as Avengers End-Game, Aladdin and The Lion King, The Disney+ library will include documentaries and televisions series, including 30 seasons of The Simpsons.

Subscribers will have the choice of either monthly or yearly subscription packages, priced at $8.99 and $89.99 respectively. As yet, there is no indication of either the video or audio capabilities of the service.

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From launch, the content will be accessible across a range of mobile and streaming devices, including Apple IOS and Apple TV, Google mobile devices and Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox One, Roku and Sony's PS4.

It's fair to say that Disney+ is going to be a significant disruptor for existing streaming services. For instance, we can't help but wonder what the future holds for Stan, should Disney cancel their existing content agreement with Stan.

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