Diapason Speakers Now Available in Australia

Posted on 30th March, 2020

Diapason Speakers Now Available in Australia

Italy's famed loudspeaker manufacturer, Diapason and its range of speakers are now available in Australia with the appointment of Sound & Vision Group as the Australian distributor.

Hand-crafting loudspeakers for over 35 years, Diapason has continued to deliver world-class speakers to customers around the globe. With a DNA shared by all models in its range, Diapason products are said to benefit from the processes, technical solutions and methods used to produce natural sounds in traditional Italian instrument making.

Diapason says creating a realistic soundstage is what drives Alessandro Schiavi during the design process. “The aim is a speaker system that reproduces a natural-sounding environment, replicating the same sensations experienced at live music events.”

To achieve this, the company says that each speaker cabinet is studied in detail and designed to create a musical point source - “an instrument with optimal sound that propagates from the speakers and progresses through an almost spherical shape - leaving the music free to expand thanks to the absence of angles, as if the cabinet receded with the spread of the melody.”

With partnerships spanning decades, Diapason uses drivers exclusively designed by SEAS, along with Van den Hul internal cabling.

Sound & Vision Group has landed its first shipment including the Adamantes V, a well-lauded model that has lasted for more than thirty years with only minor revisions along the way.

StereoNET welcomes Diapason and its range of hand-crafted Italian loudspeakers to Australia. Sound & Vision Group, the Melbourne-based distributor of Elektra, Theophany Loudspeakers, and Van den Hul phono cartridges was founded last year and debuted at the 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show.

For more information, visit Diapason | Sound & Vision Group


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