DEQX Product Updates

Posted on 7th October, 2014

DEQX Product Updates

To be unveiled at RMAF 2014, DEQX, an Australian company with a loyal customer base that includes DIY audio types right through to recording studios worldwide, has added some new products to it's range.

Manufacturers of pre-amplifier processors that provide functionality for speaker calibration, crossover and room compensation, DEQX will be showcasing two new products; Premate+ and HDP-5, updates to the Premate and HDP-4, respectively, and both featuring a 4.3” 24-bit LCD touchscreen display.


The PreMate+ is a full-function preamp processor that delivers comprehensive speaker and room calibration plus full preamp functionality with an onboard DAC. DEQX Preamp/Processors calibrate your listening space by removing speaker distortion with subsequent room compensation. According to the manufacturer, “The results are startling when timing, phase and amplitude accuracy are restored”. Like its predecessor PreMate, the PreMate+ works with speakers and their existing built-in crossovers.


The new HDP-5 is the flagship product with the best audio quality and highest level of functionality including volume control, Forensic Tone Control, support for 3-way DEQX Active Crossovers. Using DEQX XO the HDP-5 replaces the speakers' crossovers and tailors each tri-amped channel for their individual drivers just as in pro audio.

Touchscreen Display

The new A8 ARM 1GHz CPU with a 4.3” 24-bit LCD touchscreen and 480 x 272 resolution allows volume control, input and profile selections, and input VU levels or peak levels for all inputs and outputs. A settings page allows user-defined display options including dimming and turning the display off.

Pricing and Availability

The PreMate and HDP-4 will continue to remain available in the product range.

  • PreMate+ $5,995
  • PreMate $4,995
  • HDP‐5 $6,495
  • HDP‐4 $5,495

Prices shown in AUD including GST, and also include USB Audio Input and Dayton EMM­‐6 calibrated measurement microphone

PreMate and HDP-4 are currently available, and the Premate+ and HDP-5 will be available around the end of November 2014.

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