DEQX Announces 4th Generation Digital Preamp Processor Range

Posted on 13th September, 2021

DEQX Announces 4th Generation Digital Preamp Processor Range

DEQX, the pioneering loudspeaker and room correction experts, has announced its complete hardware and software redesign for its 4th generation preamp processor lineup.

Announced today, the revolutionary release has been years in the making, made more difficult with ongoing supply chain disruptions that have plagued many manufacturers. 

The outgoing models, including PreMATE, PreMATE Plus, HDP-4, HDP-5, and HDP-Express II, have been discontinued to make way for three new products - The LS-1 Integrated Amplifier Processor, Pre-4 Digital Preamp, and Pre-8 HD-Active.

Of particular interest is the newly added LS-1 Integrated Amplifier processor, offering Hypex 2x200w power, with the benefit of DEQX loudspeaker and room correction. Users can also add a subwoofer which can be calibrated in addition to a pair of full-range loudspeakers. 

Key features across the new range include DEQX Cloud, which allows processors to interface over the network to the DEQX Cloud, resulting in intuitive, cross-platform, zero-install speaker calibration and room correction.

Newly implemented is an ESS Sabre Pro ADC and DAC embedded in DEQX's new custom circuitry, along with ultra-low noise power supplies that deliver –115 dB THD+N (preliminary) from analog input to analog output. According to the company, “this is our most transparent audio processor ever.”

A powerful hexacore ARM processor delivers higher time-domain resolution and better low-frequency phase resolution, with processing power “massively surpassing our previous models”.

DEQX has refocused on hardware usability, with a carefully selected set of features for each model, large volume control with LED readout and a 5.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen with customised glass front.

All new-generation models also come with the DEQXpert service, which includes an initial remote/online DEQXpert consultation to get you started with your new DEQX.

For the more advanced users, the Pre-4 and Pre-8 HD Active benefit from more processing ability, including phase/time domain room correction, and in the case of the Pre-8 HD Active, 4-way processing and correction.

The 4th generation DEQX represents the Australian company's most significant advance in development since it first pioneered Impulse-Response Speaker Calibration and Room Integration in 1997.

DEQX says it will continue to support all DEQX previous products, along with offering its DEQXpert calibration service for legacy products. Existing customers will also have access to generous trade-in offers.

Pricing for individual markets has not yet been confirmed, with availability expected in the first half of 2022. COVID-permitting, DEQX is expected to debut the new range at the 2022 StereoNET Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show, February 18-20, in Albert Park, Melbourne.

For more information visit DEQX


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