Danish Designed & Manufactured Turntables Now Available in Australia

Posted on 24th March, 2021

Danish Designed & Manufactured Turntables Now Available in Australia

Melbourne-based distributor Audio Magic is pleased to announce they have been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for Bergmann, the Denmark manufacturer of turntables and linear tracking tonearms.

Founded by Johnnie Bergmann in 2008, his love of music and high-end sound reproduction started in his childhood. As a teenager, Bergmann bought his first audio system comprising a Micro Seiki turntable, Rega arm, Ortofon cartridge, NAD pre-/amp and Dali speakers. 

After reading hi-fi magazines from cover to cover in the 80s, he became familiar with air-bearing tonearm technology. To him, “it was obviously the most optimal way to build the perfect turntable.” He soon realised there were drawbacks, being problematic and unstable for the end-user to operate.

His early life interests, combined with further education in mechanical engineering, would pave the way for Bergmann the brand in later years. He soon began developing turntables and tonearms with his newfound vision.

Today, the range consists of three turntables and two linear tracking tonearms. The flagship Galder turntable (from $24,960 RRP) features vacuum hold down, one of the few methods of effectively flatting a vinyl record during playback.  Bergmann's innovative approach means the vacuum doesn't need to be turned off when changing records - you simply remove the vacuum clamp covering the centre spindle, and the vacuum is released. After changing the record, replace the vacuum clamp, and the vacuum hold-down system automatically flattens the record. The Galder turntable will accept up to four tonearms.

For the no-compromise vinyl aficionado, the Galder is also available in a special Gold Edition, including the Odin linear tracking tonearm and vacuum hold down option for $60,240 RRP.

Completing the range is the Magne turntable with linear tracking tonearm (from $16,960 RRP), and the Modi turntable (from $11,360 RRP). Many options exist for both models, so you'd need to speak to your dealer for more information.

What we think?

Bergmann is not a new entry into the high-end turntable market. Its extensive award list starts from 2009 and has consistently won more and more through to 2020. Being very familiar with TechDAS turntables, we're big fans of vacuum platters, and as such, we're keen to hear a Bergmann deck combined with a linear tracking tonearm. 

For more information visit Bergmann Audio


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