Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 System Bundle Announced

Posted on 1st February, 2021

Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 System Bundle Announced

Dan Clark Audio's flagship Ether 2 headphone is now offered as a system package.

Dan Clark Audio's Ether 2 has been the company's top-of-range open-back planar magnetic headphone since its launch in late 2018. Its longevity is no doubt at least in part due to its worldwide fan base.

Dan Clak Audio Ether 2 System

As well as earning plaudits for its sound signature, the Ether 2 is remarkable for its comfort thanks to its construction in titanium, aluminium, and carbon fibre resulting in them tipping the scales at just 290g.

To create the Ether 2, Dan Clark's team made a “deep-dive” into all aspects of headphone design. According to Dan Clark Audio, the result is incredible detail, fast, tight bass and liquid mids, culminating in one of the most organic musical sounds you will hear from an audiophile headphone.

Dan Clak Audio Ether 2 System

The Ether 2 is generally offered with one of three different earpads (original, perforated and microfibre suede). Each provides a distinct sound and comfort experience and enables you to tailor the headphones to suit your personal preferences. However, you can now buy the Ether 2 as a 'system package'.

The Dan Clark Audio Ether 2 System Package includes all three ear pads, expanding the headphones' versatility. If a particular recording is best served by a specific set of pads, or you're in the mood for a particular type of sonic signature – say, that extra bit of bass depth, a more forward midrange, a stronger focus on space and openness, or tighter control – no problem.

Dan Clak Audio Ether 2 System

For current Ether 2 owners wishing to try out the new system, Dan Clark offers a package of additional ear pads at a reduced price.

Dan Clark Audio's Ether 2 headphone system is available now, priced at  $3,995 RRP.

Visit Dan Clark Audio for more information

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