Dan Clark Audio Announces Stealth Closed Back Flagship Headphones

Posted on 20th August, 2021

Dan Clark Audio Announces Stealth Closed Back Flagship Headphones

Said to be four years in the making, Dan Clark Audio has announced its all-new Stealth closed-back headphones, promising to “set a new standard in headphone performance and ergonomics”.

Featuring Dan Clark Audio's all-new 4th generation planar magnetic driver and what the company says is a breakthrough Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS), “Stealth delivers a stunningly smooth presentation to bring new life and enjoyment to all your favorite music.”

Dan Clark also redesigned the headband to deliver a big step up in both ergonomics and comfort. Dan has often said that if the headphone is not physically comfortable enough to wear for extended listening sessions, the design is flawed. Dan Clark Audio has produced some of the lightest and comfiest headphones in the industry, from the ultralight 280g Ether 2 to the groundbreaking ergonomics of the Aeon series. The company has also designed a stable yet comfortable “self-adjusting suspension system” that seats the headphone just right, with no muss or fuss.

The ergonomic and stylish outline of Stealth's ear cups is a natural extension of Aeon 2 ergonomics, albeit they are larger. For storage or travel we incorporated Aeon 2's elegant folding gimbal structure into Stealth, neatly folding it into a compact custom-moulded case that's small and easy to stow.

Stealth features stylish matte-black leather, carbon fibre, and machined aluminium, taking design cues from Stealth aircraft and is said to be finished to levels you'd expect in the finest of luxury cars.

Back to that breakthrough metamaterial - AMRS is said to be Dan Clark's patent-pending solution to a perennial problem. Placed between the transducer and ear, AMTS is an inline device said to integrate “waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave, and Helmholtz resonators into one compact structure.”

Dan further explained:

Diffusion elements system reduce some standing wave formation while resonators act as both precision and broad filters to smooth and shape the frequency response, reducing the amplitude of response peaks and troughs from the midrange through the highest frequencies.

By significantly reducing standing waves, high frequencies can be rendered with a refreshingly smooth, accurate, and detailed delivery across all genres. This sounds, in theory, similar to KEF's introduction of metamaterial technology to its loudspeakers in 2020.

Stealth features an all-new 4th generation planar-magnetic driver that according to the company, “delivers the smoothest, richest, and most detailed experience we could create. The driver is also 20 per-cent larger than the E2 driver and Dan Clark's patented v-Planar technology “to reduce THD and improve low-frequency extension.”

Dan Clark, Founder and CEO, told StereoNET:

Together, our 4th-generation motor and AMTS deliver a sonic performance best described as “effortless.” From a delicately plucked string to the most intense dynamics of an orchestra, or the weight and attack of a kick drum to the overtones a decay of a crash cymbal, Stealth delivers an amazing balance of delicacy, nuance, and slam that will have you reaching for all your favorite recordings, and maybe staying up a bit too late.

The first production run of Dan Clark Audio Stealth will be limited to just 100 pairs and are sure to prove popular with head-fi enthusiasts. Available soon; they will sell in Australia for $6,295 (6' cable) and $6,395 (10' cable).

For more information visit Dan Clark Audio


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