Dali’s Startling Oberon Speakers Will Turn Heads and Bend Ears

Posted on 4th October, 2019

Dali’s Startling Oberon Speakers Will Turn Heads and Bend Ears

DALI has released their entry-level audiophile Oberon speaker range in Australia, a move that’s poised to change musical and design expectations for affordable speakers. 

DALI has been a local icon in its home country since 1983, and is hugely popular throughout Europe, but has but only just relaunched in Australia thanks to a new distribution arrangement with Amber Technology.

The Oberon range wouldn’t be Danish if it didn’t look as pleasing to the eye as it does, but DALI is also a company dedicated to bringing audiophile goodness to those on a tight budget. You also get the bonus of innovative, sound-improving technology to boot. 

Equally capable as two-channel music speakers or in a surround sound configuration, the Oberon is nothing if not versatile. Reviewers have waxed ecstatic about the large sound stage of these modest speakers, as well as their aery and spacious, yet agile sound. 

Their tweeters and woofers are designed entirely in-house with proprietary technology like SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound), a special technique that is said to make the woofer behave in a very agile way, and decreases distortion from mechanical loss.

DALI has also figured out a way to coax the speakers to create an impressively wide dispersion through clever design on the geometry of the cabinets and the driver materials, which include special low-mass wood fibre cones.

The cabinet is available in four attractive finishes (black, light oak, walnut and white) while the striking grilles have a sonic as well as aesthetic purpose: the speakers are “voiced” to have the grilles on, but if you prefer your music with more of an edge, then take them off. 

Six different products are available in the range, comprising two bookshelf/stand mount models, two floor standers, an on-wall model, and a centre channel. The range starts at just $699 RRP.

DALI will relaunch in Australia at the 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show this month. Tickets on sale now.

For more information, visit DALI.


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