DALI OPTICON MK2 Loudspeaker Series Announced

Posted on 13th November, 2020

DALI OPTICON MK2 Loudspeaker Series Announced

DALI has today announced its upcoming OPTICON MK2 series of loudspeakers.

DALI has utilised new technologies and innovations to created its OPTICON MK2 range. The six model speaker series ranges from a compact on-wall speaker to a towering floorstander and promises class-leading performance that defines true hi-fi, boasts the Danish brand.


Firstly, and easiest to spot, is that the DALI OPTICON MK2 series sports a fresh new aesthetic in three modern finishes. Additionally, its hybrid tweeter borrows the CALLISTO-derived 29 mm soft dome driver with a custom 17 x 45 mm ribbon unit mounted on a cast aluminium faceplate that incorporates dispersion control detailing. This arrangement offers best of both worlds performance as you should get the clarity, speed and dynamics of a dome tweeter, with the very high-frequency detail and smooth finesse of a ribbon tweeter.

OPTICON MK2 also introduces newly developed wood fibre cones derived from the company's EPICON series. These new, slightly darker coloured drivers feature DALI's SMC (Soft Magnet Compound) technology. The SMC used in OPTICON MK2's magnet motor system has very high magnetic permeability and very low electrical conductivity. We are told that it works primarily by minimising eddy currents in the magnet system pole piece. The result is said to be improved flux linearity, reducing the magnetic hysteresis and so a significant reduction of electro-acoustic distortion.

On the rear of the OPTICON 1, 2, 6 and 8, models, there are further upgrades such as the Dual Flare reflex ports.

The newly introduced port design relies on aerodynamics to minimise turbulence. Dual Flare enables OPTICON MK2 reflex ports to remain laminar and work effectively to reinforce low-frequency performance to a significantly higher volume level than would otherwise be possible, says DALI.


Thanks to the changes with the new tweeter, drivers and a revised porting system, the crossovers had to be changed and so have also been upgraded with new, higher quality components to minimise loss even further.


Speakers used and enjoyed in pairs should also be built as pairs, says the manufacturer. So, DALI's process is designed to ensure that stereo pairs of speakers are built and tested sequentially by a single manufacturing technician, using components taken in the same order from the same batch. They say it's a process that helps ensure ultimate visual and acoustic pair matching.

The DALI OPTICON MK2 series will be available end-February 2021 in Satin Black, Satin White and Tobacco Oak. Local pricing will be confirmed closer to launch.

Visit DALI for more information

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