Create Ultimate Gold Class Cinema Rooms at Home with Cogworks Carpet

Posted on 24th June, 2021

Create Ultimate Gold Class Cinema Rooms at Home with Cogworks Carpet

We would never have thought we'd be writing about carpet here at StereoNET, but here we are, and Cogworks have released a product that will help elevate your home cinema to an authentic gold class experience.

Cogworks is a premium distributor of AV products but known equally for delivering all the products and solutions needed to build some of the best home cinemas in Australia. 

Its latest release is the Intertwine branded range of premium quality Carpets and a choice of underlays, all said to offer excellent absorption specifications and ideal for the Custom and Specialist AV market installations.

The ranges include the Inspiration line with four patterned designs and the Amore line with a selection of 12 solid colours. Two premium underlay offerings complement the carpet ranges.

Highly specified and far from the run of the mill carpet choices commonly available, Cogworks says its Intertwine range includes “outstanding specifications and quality, justifying their position in the market.”

Cogworks also offers its Home Cinema Custom Design Service via its national dealers and installers. The Intertwine products can be featured in the design, providing a bespoke look rather than a generic drawing.

Cogworks Intertwine carpet range is available now, with prices starting at $200 retail per m2. Cogworks will also recommend installers around the country, or dealers can also choose their own services.

For more information visit Cogworks


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