Posted on 16th February, 2018


We visited Melbourne specialist retailer Tivoli Hi-Fi this week, who pride themselves on their headphone selection and wanted to show off their new headphone wall.

“The Great Wall Of Headphones” features over 60 pairs of headphones on display, and all are ready for demonstration. This is coupled with the tech bar showcasing $50K of headphone amps to match.

But what stopped us in our tracks was the pre-owned headphones sale, with prices so good that we almost bought some (as if we need more headphones!)

As you might guess, Tivoli Hi-Fi has some fanatical headphone customers and last week one wealthy gentleman traded-in over 50 high-end cans and head amps and walked away with something very shiny & new.

The result is good news for customers as the trade-ins are being sold at remarkable prices, some as low as one-third of the retail price!

Here are a few examples:

  • AKG K712 Pro (NEW $639 SALE $300)
  • STAX SR-L500 (NEW $1249 - SALE $750)
  • Chord Hugo with leather case (NEW $2200 SALE $1000!)
  • Sennheiser Amperior (NEW $200 SALE $50)
  • Oppo PM1 (NEW $1500 SALE $1000)

Going beyond headphones, Tivoli Hi-Fi also has a Pre-Owned section for serious HiFi at similar reductions, with brands like Audio-Research, McIntosh, and Electrocompaniet all at around half price.

One last thing, when buying trade-in or second-hand goods from a HiFi specialist ensure they are licensed to do so. Tivoli Hi-Fi, of course, is.

For more information visit Tivoli Hi-Fi.


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