Counterfeit Tchernov Audio Cable Warning

Posted on 30th March, 2020

Counterfeit Tchernov Audio Cable Warning

Tchernov Audio, the Russian high-end cable company, has recently appointed Melbourne-based wholesaler, Busisoft AV to represent its products in Australia and New Zealand.

The photograph of cable samples below which was provided to StereoNET by a known source was taken in the showroom of a Taiwan-based OE cable manufacturer earlier this year, alongside Tchernov Audio branded connectors. The samples were displayed along with an array of other products and raw cable available to purchase from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

StereoNET spoke to Tchernov Cables directly to confirm its product's country of origin and manufacturing. Ivan Ageev, PR Manager at Tchernonv Audio, said:

All Tchernov Cable products (except HDMI and USB cables) are manufactured in highly reputable Russian factories specialised for aviation, space and military-industrial complex. The Cable Series Standard, Original, Special and Classic are produced in the “Chuvashcable” factory in Cheboksary. The Cables Series Ultimate, Reference and Classic XS SC are produced in a design engineering bureau in Mytishi (Moscow region). The termination process is happening in Moscow in Tchernov facilities and by Tchernov employees. All connectors and solder are made in Taiwan by specialised company and according to specific Tchernov definition and requests.

As Tchernov Audio has stated that except for its HDMI cables, USB cables, and connectors, its range is manufactured in Russia, potential buyers should exercise caution and ensure they are purchasing genuine Russian-made cables, and not potentially inferior Taiwanese copies.

Counterfeiting is not a new practice. In more recent years we've seen it becoming more common-place within the higher end of the audio-visual market. Cables, it seems are the easiest to reproduce, at least aesthetically.

In 2016, UK-based Tellurium Q, one of the most-awarded audio cable manufacturers, launched an initiative to give consumers the confidence that they are purchasing authentic cables.

Geoff Merrigan, Director of Tellurium Q, told StereoNET:

Such a simple yet effective use of technology to benefit our customers. There is always a danger of any manufacturer's product being counterfeited, that is just a fact of life in this day and age. So we have decided to act proactively and safeguard our customers before it ever becomes an issue and with Authentic Vision on our side it never has to.

In partnership with Authentic Vision, a high-tech company specialising in state-of-the-art encryption, a free iOS or Android app named 'Check if Real' allows customers to securely check the authenticity of their cables just by scanning the warranty card supplied with the product.

Other brands have in the past published guides on how to recognise a counterfeit product from the original. This a great initiative from Tellurium Q, giving customers assurance and peace of mind when investing in the Tellurium Q brand.


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