Convoy Appoints New State Manager with “Unprecedented Business Growth”

Posted on 10th March, 2021

Convoy Appoints New State Manager with “Unprecedented Business Growth”

Sydney-based importer Convoy International has reported record sales over the past 18 months, thanks to renewed interest in their brands, combined with increased consumer spending resulting from COVID-19.

Bluesound, the first manufacturer to market with high-resolution multiroom wireless audio products, continues to evolve with its affordable but high-performance products that are now gaining real traction and market share over its competitors, according to the company.

Stock shortages that have crippled supply for many AV Receiver brands have not affected NAD Electronics, with record sales reported by Convoy for its highly-popular T758 V3i and T778 Receivers. The C298 Stereo Power Amp in particular, along with its Masters range, have also been said to be “highly successful”.

NAD Electronics display at Convoy Dealer Conference, Bowral NSW (2018)

David Matthews, Managing Director at Convoy, told StereoNET:

I'm immensely pleased with the success of Convoy across last year and into the start of 2021. Thanks to clear focus on all aspects of our business, from logistics to marketing, sales and support, along with refining our internal processes, all combined has led to unprecedented business growth for the company.

Also unaffected by the recent AKM factory fire that has significantly disrupted AV Receiver supply across many brands is JBL's Synthesis processors and receivers, including the SDR-35 and SDP-55. These two releases are already proving popular with installers and enthusiasts looking for high-end home cinema solutions. 

Further contributing to the increased success of the JBL brand in Australia is the take-up of the brand's new Stage and HDI speaker ranges, which are reported to have been well received by specialist retailers. The HDI range is said to be “a showcase of JBL's industry-leading acoustics technologies, delivering unrivalled performance in combination with elegant cabinetry and a modern design aesthetic.” 

StereoNET recently reviewed the flagship HDI-3800 floor standers, concluding:

Existing JBL fans may be surprised just how sophisticated the new HDI-3800 sounds, and what fine value it is for the asking price. Indeed the Synthesis range has been reborn and is now super competitive. If you're not yet a JBL aficionado, then I strongly suggest you audition a pair and hear for yourself their broad capabilities. JBL has come out swinging and has hit a home run.

Convoy says that the challenges presented to the world in 2020 allowed a unique opportunity for the company to regroup, assess the business, and strategically plan the way forward with both short term and longer-term views. The company says it has also consolidated and nurtured its supplier relationships and is well-placed to service the Australian market for many years to come. As part of this, Convoy recently terminated its distribution agreement with Music Hall turntables, a brand it was solely responsible for bringing to the Australian market for the first time in 2016. 

To better serve its increasing number of supporting specialist retailers across Australia, Convoy has also announced Nathan Fowle's appointment as Account Manager for New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory from March 15th 2021.

Having over twenty years of industry experience within both retail and wholesale roles, Nathan has previously worked with Syntec International and Sennheiser in brand support and account management positions. Nathan briefly returned to the engineering world in which he holds qualifications; however, the call to return to the Audio Industry was apparently too strong to resist. 

Martin Ireland, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Convoy International, told StereoNET:

We're delighted to welcome Nathan to the Convoy team. We have a very clear vision for the future of our business, and our current trajectory requires additional resources to both maintain our growth and continue to refine the level of service we offer to our retail partners.

Convoy says it is also in the final development stages of a web-based Dealer Portal that will offer unparalleled levels of information and support for its specialist retailers, in addition to in-house resources, phone support, and its representatives in each state and territory.

David Matthews presenting JBL Synthesis at Burwood Music Centre (February 2020)

David added:

Convoy is a forward-looking company. At the same time, it has a rich and proud heritage in this industry. We will continue to embrace and be at the forefront of new technology, but will always retain our good old fashioned customer service, of which this company was built upon.

It's evident that a younger, fresh and motivated team is now at the helm of this 56-year old business, but the future looks sound indeed for Convoy International.

For more information visit Convoy International


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