Clearaudio Reference Jubilee Turntable Available

Posted on 3rd August, 2022

Clearaudio Reference Jubilee Turntable Available

 Clearaudio's Reference Jubilee is a new take on the original Reference turntable released in the 1980s.

While Clearaudio's new Reference Jubilee retains the distinctive boomerang shape of its 80s predecessor, upgrades and updates can be found. Firstly, the 22kg Reference Jubilee sees its resonance-optimised chassis moving from acrylic to higher-performing and arguably more attractive, Panzerholz wood and aluminium.

Clearaudio Reference Jubilee

Spotted last year, the new turntable's 6cm-thick platter is constructed from damped polyoxyethylene and rotates on a select version of the brand's frictionless Ceramic Magnetic Bearing, while below sits an 8.5kg stainless steel sub-platter.

Clearaudio's Optical Speed Control is built into this sub-platter and uses an optical sensor to monitor its rotational speed with 1,598 impulses per revolution. Once the control unit receives the readings, it offsets deviations by adjusting the motor's voltage via an operational amplifier resulting in a quoted measured speed accuracy of < ± 0.05 %.

To achieve a precise rotational speed, Clearaudio uses a 12-bit DAC to generate a motor reference voltage, which is converted into an analogue voltage signal. The digital reference is used only to compensate for slow movements or drifts due to factors such as temperature, oil viscosity and belt friction; meanwhile, the motor is driven purely by the analogue output stage.

Furthermore, the motor is a brand new design with a high-torque, air-core (non-magnetic) 24-volt DC motor and belt drive decoupled from the main chassis and suspended by a “network of elaborate rubber tightropes”.

Clearaudio Reference Jubilee

The Clearaudio Reference Jubilee turntable is priced in Australia at $33,495 RRP and is available now.

Visit Clearaudio for more information

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