Posted on 13th June, 2019


Analogue specialist, Clearaudio has just whipped up a batch of new models designed to get the best sound from vinyl.

Starting from the pointy end where a vinyl groove meets a high-quality diamond stylus, are two high-end cartridges. 

To keep things simple, Clearaudio has given the pair the same name. Both are called Jubilee, but please note they’re very different models seeing as one is a low-output moving coil, and the other is a moving magnet.

Either will sing hymns of praise as they retrieve every last bit of detail from your LPs and 45s, according to Clearaudio who knows a thing or two about cartridges and turntables.

This brand has been building plenty of both over the years and has done it well with a large number of both selling strongly to discerning music lovers and audiophiles.

We say discerning because cheap and cheerful isn’t the Clearaudio way. 

That’s why the Jubilee Moving Magnet will sell for $1295 RRP and its companion Moving Coil $7495 RRP. Clearaudio does range much cheaper cartridges. For example, it crafts four ranges of Moving Magnets. 

The V2 range, to which the Jubilee MM belongs are painstakingly measured, analysed and hand-selected into four performance levels. But whatever the level you end up buying, you will get a cartridge that uses Clearaudio’s V2 Technology. And all but one model called the Concept V2 will have a wood body that’s typically ebony to resist air and floor-borne resonances.

Specs wise, the Jubilee MM weighs 8.4 grams, tracks at 2.2 grams, has an output voltage of 3.6 mV and a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. The stylus profile is elliptical, and the cantilever is aluminium. Resistance is a fairly standard 47 kOhm.

The Jubilee MC has “high-end” credentials aplenty. It’s the first Clearaudio cartridge with a body crafted from Panzerholz, a high-tech, natural wood product made in Germany. 

Clearaudio uses this wood product to make some of its turntables because of its high density, strength and very low resonance. It is also ultra-light. 

Each Jubilee MC body gets a coat of very special paint and a polished finish borrowed from the elite violin makers in the brand’s local area.

Internally, the coil of the Jubilee MC is made from 24-karat gold. The cantilever is boron, and the stylus is a Gyger profile that is also double polished. Weight is 7.4 grams, and the output voltage is 0.6 mV at 5 cm/s and the tracking force required is 2.8 gram which makes the Jubilee MC a low compliance cartridge that would probably like to see a tonearm with a bit of mass, above it. Frequency response is 20 Hz-100kHz.

The new cartridges are more glamorous than Clearaudio’s two new turntable power supplies, but either will bring significant gains in sound quality.

The $4295 RRP Smart Power 24V and the $1295 RRP Smart Power 12V are battery based DC power supplies. Both can be set to switch automatically from battery play mode to recharging mode.

The Smart Power 24V is an upgrade for Clearaudio’s high-performance Ovation, Innovation and Statement turntables. The Smart Power 12V targets the concept series and Performance DC turntables. Used with the Concept active turntable, the 12V powers the turntable motor and the onboard phono stage using clean DC power.

Available now, find your nearest dealer at Clearaudio.

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