Posted on 21st June, 2017


The brand behind a steady stream of scintillating DACs and other supremely styled, confident sounding audio gear, has announced its Chord Hugo2 is finally off the water and has arrived in Australia.

The Hugo2 is the hotly anticipated advance of the hot selling Chord Hugo DAC. A next generation model with impeccable credentials, the Hugo2 is a high-end crossover model that’s perfectly at home whether on the go as a portable or scaling hi-res audio heights as part of a quality hi-fi system

A fully realised model, the Hugo2 is a nifty USB DAC and a headphone amp. Chord has accorded it a star status and has provided eager buyers a decent list of accessories selected to wring even better sound from the Hugo2.

These goodies comprise a Tronsmart USB 5V 3AMP charger, 6-inch Silver Dragon Form Fit Toslink for connecting AK players, a 6-inch Silver Dragon Form Fit USB cable and a 1.5-inch pair of Silver Dragon V2 interconnects.

First heard at the CES show in Las Vegas earlier this year, the Hugo2 had keen timing and pace and heaps of macro and micro dynamic verve. Visitors to the stand also noted an astonishingly low noise floor as music emerged from a silent, black velvet background.

As for connection potential, the Hugo2 is far from impoverished and offers four digital inputs comprising coaxial, optical, extended-range Bluetooth and HD USB. The Bluetooth option handles files up to 768kHz and DSD DSD512 (Octa DSD) through HD USB.

Headphone devotees will like the pair of analogue RCAs - one 3.5mm and the other, 6.3mm. Both are handy for pre-amp duty as well.

As for sonic flexibility, the Hugo2 offers users a four function filter that shapes sound to provide listening experiences that can be described as slightly richer than cool, dead cool, soothing or exciting.

Handling the new Hugo2 reveals a model built to Chord’s exacting standards of fit and finish and of course a styling that is refreshingly post-modern. Read this as implying the Hugo2 looks and feels like a piece of audio jewellery and thumbs its nose at conventional, boring black or silver boxing of portable DACs.

It may have taken some time to finally arrive down under but we can assure you, it’s worth the wait.

Hugo2 is available now from selected dealers for $3,700 RRP.

For more information visit the Chord Electronics brand page.

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