Chord Electronics to be Distributed by NA Distributors in NZ

Posted on 23rd July, 2021

Chord Electronics to be Distributed by NA Distributors in NZ

Wellington-based N.A. Distributors have announced it is now the exclusive distributor for Chord Electronics in New Zealand.

Previously distributed by Capisco, the new arrangement is effective immediately. Founded in 1987, N.A. Distributors currently represent brands including Abyss, AURALiC, AVM Audio, Chord Company, Fink Team, Fyne Audio, Lyra, Rega, Vertere and others in New Zealand.

N.A. Distributors' Debbie Stanton (L), and Chris Murphy (R)

Chris Murphy, Director or N.A. Distributors, told StereoNET:

We're thrilled to represent Chord Electronics in New Zealand, and to be working with another proudly British company that creates technically-sound, innovative, interesting products. The brand has a compelling story and their people bring passion, honesty, dedication and a deep love of music to their business – just like our own team.

Murphy says Chord Electronics' product range will be available across New Zealand from a small group of home audio specialist retailers, “handpicked for their energy and enthusiasm, technical expertise, and great customer service.”

The Kent, England-based company Chord Electronics is a boutique brand with passionate owners, designers and engineers. Owned by its original founder and with roots in aviation engineering, Chord Electronics has produced world-leading equipment for hi-fi systems, home theatres, and professional sound studios for over 30 years. These include multi-award-winning amplifiers, DACs, Upscalers, Phono Stages and digital sources.

For more information visit Chord Electronics


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