Chord Electronics Gofigure App Updated for 2go

Posted on 14th April, 2020

Chord Electronics Gofigure App Updated for 2go

Chord Electronics' Gofigure app has been updated with new features for the company's portable streamer/servers - Poly and 2go.

The latest version of Chord Electronics' mobile configuration app has been released. This new and improved version of Gofigure enables the wide-ranging feature set delivered by the new 2go - including an auto-switching input function, Wi-Fi configuration and gapless audio and DoP/Bit Perfect support. Additionally, the updated Gofigure also offers a better experience for Poly users, as well. 

Chord Gofigure

Furthermore, the latest version, Android 1.2.81 and iOS 2.04 benefits from an updated user interface for greater ease of use, an easy-to-access music tab to navigate to the quick play radio/SD card playlist playback, plus much improved Bluetooth device discovery. Also, Android users can benefit from Wi-Fi configuration, something that will land later on iOS.

Chord Gofigure app

2go users will need to install the new version of Gofigure to control the device. Poly users are also advised to undertake a fresh install to get the most from their existing equipment. The latest versions of the app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

iOS 13 and Android 7 (or higher) are recommended for Gofigure. Poly will also require the latest firmware (2.0.4) before installing the newest version of the app.

Needless to say, but the app is free to download.

For more information, head to Chord Electronics.

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