Chord Company Launches GroundARAY for Noise Reduction

Posted on 22nd July, 2021

Chord Company Launches GroundARAY for Noise Reduction

Said to be four years in development, Chord Company has announced a significant new development with its proprietary ARAY noise-reduction technology.

With the introduction of its new GroundARAY family of grounding devices, the noise floor of the host product is said to be improved by the high-frequency noise-reduction device that simply connects to unused sockets on A/V equipment.

Providing a low-impedance route for HF noise to pass through, the GroundARAY is a cylindrical design made from precision CNC-machined thick-walled aluminium; the thick walls themselves stop the device from contributing HF noise.

Chord Co's GroundARAY is available in six termination options, including USB A, RCA and XLR, for a wide range of digital and analogue A/V devices. According to the company, GroundARAY benefits from five separate noise-reduction systems, all working across different HF noise ranges and operating in parallel to convert undesirable HF electrical noise into heat. 

Built by hand at Chord Company's Wiltshire UK factory, the GroundARAY comprises several absorption devices and is filled with a “carefully chosen material” to deaden noise. Each GroundARAY cylinder is then locked into place to reduce any effects from acoustic vibration.

Chord Company says:

GroundARAYs are most effective when used across several devices in an A/V system. The devices simply plug into existing empty sockets and can be used individually, or in multiples, such as across left and right outputs etc. With DACs and streamers, GroundARAYs can be used with unused digital inputs; projectors and screens can also benefit from the noise-reduction effects, too.

Chord Company GroundARAY will be available from end-August 2020 and will sell for AUD $949 / NZD $999 RRP each.

For more information visit The Chord Company


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