Chord Company ChorAlloy Replacing Silver-Plated Connectors

Posted on 2nd August, 2022

Chord Company ChorAlloy Replacing Silver-Plated Connectors

Chord Company is upgrading its silver-plated connections with its propriety ChorAlloy plating tech.

Chord Company's ChorAlloy will replace silver as the covering of choice for several of the British brand's connectors.

The new multi-metal plating tech promises to significantly improve connector performance and bring “myriad benefits”, including much lower intermodulation, full solderability and crucially, a tarnish-free finish.

Chord Company ChoAlloy Connectors

We are told that Chord Company technicians identified the detrimental effects of tarnish (silver sulphide Ag2S) in silver connector plugs, noting that Ag2S can give rise to intermodulation effects at high frequencies and this led to the development of the ChorAlloy project.

Chord Company ChoAlloy Connectors

New ChorAlloy-plated connectors/ plugs are already rolling out of the Wiltshire factory. They are available on the VEE3 and PTFE RCA/ phono connectors, ChordOhmic speaker connectors (spade and 4mm banana), USB types A and B, and BNC connectors, as well as DIN/ XLR connecting pins. C-series, HDMI and streaming cables, plus mini-jack connectors, remain unchanged.

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