Brisbane Hifi Inducted into KEF Elite Dealer Program

Posted on 20th May, 2020

Brisbane Hifi Inducted into KEF Elite Dealer Program

In just their second appointment outside of the USA, KEF has announced one of Queensland's premier specialist stores, Brisbane Hifi, has been inducted into its KEF Elite Dealer Program. 

Brisbane Hifi says it has been strong supporters of the KEF brand not only in Queensland but in Australia, since 2011. Commencing the KEF relationship quite humbly with the Q and R Series, they have since grown to a full-fledged KEF representative, supporting the renowned LS50 Wireless and the flagship Blade 2. 

International representatives of KEF visited Brisbane Hifi in 2019 to put the final touches on the store in preparation for this anointment, and now “wholeheartedly welcome Brisbane Hifi into this Elite program.”

Brisbane Hifi joins Melbourne Hifi as the only two KEF Elite dealers outside of the USA. Lawrence Chu, General Manager of KEF APMEA, added:

I'm delighted that Brisbane Hifi has joined the KEF Elite dealer program. The team there demonstrate a dedication to KEF that we can all be proud of, and I'm very excited that Brisbane Hifi and Melbourne Hifi will set the example for all future KEF Elite dealers throughout Asia Pacific.

Aiden Toh, Manager of Brisbane Hifi and a bonafide KEF fan himself, told StereoNET:

My first hifi purchase after moving to Brisbane from Sydney was a pair of KEF LS50 in black/copper finish that I had purchased from the store owner, Tristan. Since then, I have managed to add five more KEF LS50s to my collection as part of an identical 7.1 speaker system for multichannel music and movie system. I also count myself immensely fortunate to be able to listen to KEF's latest Reference and Blade speakers every day at work. KEF doesn't just sparkle in the high-end space. Every time I sit in front of the LSX, I can't help but marvel at the sense of familiarity that carries across the entire range of KEF products - beautifully crafted speakers that reproduce an organic, life-like and natural sound.

With some very exciting upcoming announcements from KEF imminent, the KEF team told us they're looking forward to visiting Australian KEF Elite dealers when travel restrictions are lifted.

For more information, visit KEF.


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