Posted on 3rd April, 2018


OPPO Digital, manufacturers of arguably the most popular DVD and Blu-ray players, and more recently an outstanding range of Head-Fi products have announced they will cease manufacturing.

To be clear, this is not an April Fools prank.

Sam Encel and Evgeny Vizelman - Directors of Interdyn who have distributed OPPO Digital in Australia for the past six years, forwarded a press release this morning which read:

While the latest OPPO 4K UHD players have reached the pinnacle of their performance, OPPO Digital has made a business decision that it is time to say goodbye to production of the OPPO Digital range of products. This decision will also apply to OPPO Digital’s line of head-fi products.

The release also states that existing warranties will be honoured and Interdyn will ensure its obligations to its customers are met.

Interdyn has enough stock ordered to ensure fulfilment of Blu-ray players at current demand levels for much of 2018.

Interdyn has recently added SVS (Australia) and Roon Labs (Australia & New Zealand), along with BenQ to its distribution portfolio.

For more information visit Interdyn.

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