Posted on 20th December, 2018


Christmas is mostly a joyful time of the year. Christmas music though, not so much. Bowers & Wilkins wants to ensure your music is sorted this festive season and has taken matters into its own hands.

If you're already feeling a little frazzled, perhaps it's the Christmas music you're hearing played over and over again?

Scientific reports show a connection between traditional Christmas songs and increased stress at this time of year. Upon learning this, Bowers & Wilkins consulted with music producer and sound expert Markus Bergqvist and composer Joel Danell, in collaboration with stress scientist Professor Töres Theorell to create a song for the holidays specifically with a calming effect. 

I confess I was a little sceptical when I first read over the press release, but B&W is not a brand to mess around. So as I headed into the media room and queued up the track on Spotify, I kept an open mind.

Sound Spa by The Soundscapers Collective is the track B&W wants us to tune into this Xmas to de-stress. It's recently topped both the Spotify and iTunes Charts in Sweden and is available both as an edited version and an extended version.

The track has a tasteful festive vibe, yet brings a sense of calm which is a welcomed contrast to the anxiety-fueling Jingle Bell Rock. Put this one on in the background, hit repeat and enjoy a calm Christmas this year. 

Listen to Sound Spa on Spotify and iTunes.


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