Bowers & Wilkins’ Formation Duo Special Offer

Posted on 11th August, 2020

Bowers & Wilkins’ Formation Duo Special Offer

Bowers & Wilkins' flagship product in its reference-class Formation range is the Duo ($6,400 RRP excluding matching stands) wireless stereo loudspeakers. The Duo looks every bit Bowers & Wilkins today, and the fully active speakers stand proud with their stunning curved cabinets.

Available in either white or black finish, without stands they measure just under 40cm tall and just over 30cm deep, weighing in at 10.6kg. The optional stands are mass-loaded for stability. The 6.5-inch Continuum driver is based on that found in B&W's flagship 800 Series, paired with a 1-inch decoupled carbon dome tweeter. The speaker base houses two 125-watt digital amplifiers and a 32-bit AKM DAC.

At the front are a set of controls offering Volume up and down, Play/Pause and the Formation connection button. When we reviewed them, we found them to be impressively accurate and refined. Newcomers to serious sound quality will be amazed at the clarity and intricacy of the music – something they have likely never experienced before. While the Duos don't have the authority of B&W's flagship 800 Series, they seem to sit somewhere between the 600 and 700 Series, with the added benefit of being fully active and of course all the connectivity options you would ever need.

We're entering an exciting era of high-fidelity audio where modern technology meets tradition. Investing in Formation Duo, you're rewarded with genuine hi-fi sound without the need for a rack, separate components, cables, and of course all that clutter.

For a limited time, Bowers & Wilkins Australia is dramatically increasing that appeal by including not one but two bonus gifts to purchasers of a pair of Duos.

Until September 30th 2020, with the purchase of Formation Duo, you'll also receive the Formation Audio ($1,149 RRP) at no extra charge. This nifty device enables the connection of a traditional audio source, such as a digital music player, turntable or CD player so that its content can be streamed wirelessly over your home wifi to the Duo. Alternatively, the Formation Audio can be connected to a conventional component Hi-Fi system and enable streaming of music content from a wide variety of digital sources.

Finally, to maximise the benefits offered by the Formation wireless platform, purchasers will also receive a twelve-month subscription to Roon, the popular music management and listening solution. Roon is an interface that provides comprehensive, easy to use and high-performance access to networked and streaming audio sources. The two Formation products already come bundled with a three-month trial subscription to Roon 'in the box', so taking advantage of this offer will provide a Roon membership of up to 18 months, free of charge.

For more information, visit a Bowers & Wilkins retailer.


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