Posted on 1st December, 2017


So what do musicians, podcasters, YouTubers, semi-professional moviemakers and digital nomad hipsters have in common?

A desire for headphones that look groovy, feel comfortable and sound like they cost a squillion dollars, that’s what.

According to Beyerdynamic, this lot should look no further than the newly released DT 240 PRO, a model that ticks all this crowd’s boxes, and then some.

Slip a pair on over your ears, and it’s obvious the DT 240 has wonderful sound insulation qualities.

Even in raucous environments such as a live concert or trade fair, the DT 240 keeps the sound in and the din and bustle of the outside world, out.

Wearing the DT 240 as you listen to the music stored on your smartphone is a pleasurable experience, but the sound insulation they provide is so good, it’s just not advisable to sport a pair crossing a busy road, for example.

Engineers and camera people trying to stay focused on their tasks are fully excepted, however. In fact, that’s what the DT 240 was borne for.

As they beaver away recording the next superstar or filming a potential blockbuster, they’ll notice something else about the DT 240.

The point is, music these days is more often than not cut on a notebook not just in a studio. Moreover, podcasters can report via a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The DT 240 PRO monitor headphones were designed with a mobile workflow in mind. And they fit perfectly within this modern occupational space allowing users to start a project in one place and bring it to fruition in another.

Lord, they’re so ergonomically styled they’ll scarcely notice they’re wearing them even after a long duration of toil at the coalface.

Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO

And they look cool finished in matt black.

The DT 24O PRO is ultra easy to handle. The mix of on-ear and over-ear styling is described by Beyerdynamic as a “compact over-ear design” because both ears are firmly enclosed and the fact that the DT240 PRO can be easily transported in a notebook or camera bag.

The DT 240 PRO is built using sturdy, robust materials and they come with a detachable coiled cable and replaceable ear pads to allow for an extended lifespan that should last for years of continuous usage.

The sound was paramount in the initial design of the DT 240. This is a headphone culled from Beyerdynamic’s rich wealth of experiences that reaches back almost a hundred years.

The DT 240 reflects the tradition earned by the brand’s DT 770 PRO, a headphone used in studios around the world. So the sound of the DT240 will be heard as clean, free of noise and distortion and one with deep, taut bass, vibrant midrange, and crystalline treble.

The RRP of $139 is as pleasing as the DT 240 PRO’s sound.

The DT 240 also uses low-ohm acoustic transducers (34ohm) so its easy to power and works as beautifully on studio mixers as it does on laptops or with smartphones.

The DT 240 PRO has a frequency range of 5-35,000 Hz and a nominal SPL of 99 dB SPL (1 mW/500 Hz).

For more information visit Beyerdynamic.

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