Posted on 20th September, 2019


German headphone maestros Beyerdynamic has announced its latest Blue BYRD and first wireless In-Ear Monitors featuring MOSAYC personalised sound.

The Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD features state-of-the-art technology combining cutting-edge Bluetooth technology with the innovative MOSAYC sound personalisation by Mimi Defined.

The unique MOSAYC sound personalisation by Berlin-based company Mimi Hearing Technologies compensates for the loss or fading of individual parts of the sound mosaic. After a short app-based hearing test, a personal listening profile is created and stored on your headphones. With this technology, the Blue BYRD IEMs cater to the very individual demands of every user.

Employing Bluetooth aptX allows for high-quality music transmission, as well as up to ten metres range and up to six hours of battery life largely liberate the Blue BYRD from audio and power sources.

With its integrated microphone and three-button control, the IEMs can also be used as a high-quality headset for mobile phones and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Versatile, well thought out, made from high-quality materials and precisely manufactured, Beyerdynamic's engineers managed to design the electronics in such a way that it became small and lightweight. 

The cable between the two earpieces is said to be both flexible and robust, while also being optimised to reduce mechanical noise. The flat housings are closed off with sophisticated panels made from anodised and glass-bead blasted aluminium.

The included ear tips in five sizes ensure a perfect fit and are easily stored in the protective case that is supplied with the Blue BYRD IEMs.

Available now, Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD In-Ear Monitors sell for $199 RRP.

For more information, visit Beyerdynamic.


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