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Queensland's Joel Massey has worked in the family business Queensland Speaker Repairs (QSR) for over 15-years. He's lives and breathes hi-fi.

So, after a decade of assisting his father Steve with repairing and modifying loudspeakers for customers, Joel turned his attention to the design and manufacturing of audio and power cables as a side-project.

Just three years later, EGM Audio, the cable subsidiary of QSR has been established and is already garnering praise and a loyal following by the most discerning enthusiasts and audiophiles.

Joel has designed an extensive range including power cables, HDMI cables, speaker cables, interconnects and accessories.

Dismayed by the exorbitant prices asked by many leading brands, Joel set out to create excellent sounding and high-performance cables at realistic prices. Most of his cables are handmade by Joel and staff at QSR headquarters, using a combination of materials including 99.999% OFC Copper.

Joel personally oversees the cables' production from start to completion, ensuring the best quality parts are utilised and ensuring perfect build quality.

It's this dedication that allows EGM to offer not only a 5-Year Warranty but back that up with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Joel told StereoNET:

I've been a consumer and I've bought expensive cables to use in my own audio system. I know the feeling when you've invested a substantial amount of money in cables only to be disappointed at the lack of synergy or performance. For these reasons, I want my customers to feel confident with purchasing online with our money-back guarantee.

EGM's handmade audio speaker cables start at $119 for Grey Series V2 in 2.5m length, up to $449 for its higher quality Red Series V2 in 5m length.

The Red Series V2 cable is a better sounding cable than the Grey, suitable for higher resolution systems. It also features a third nylon outer sheath and thicker 14 AWG copper conductors with the more expensive rhodium plating rather than gold plated banana plugs.

EGM also sells handmade power cables from $119 and high-end HDMI cables from $28.

EGM Audio will showcase its range at the upcoming 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show, October 18-20, Pullman Hotel Albert Park.

For more information, visit EGM Audio.


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