AURALiC Updates ALTAIR and ARIES to G1.1

Posted on 25th July, 2022

AURALiC Updates ALTAIR and ARIES to G1.1

AURALiC has announced updates to its ARIES G1 and ALTAIR G1 to the G1.1 version, promising exciting improvements for both models.

Since its release in 2014, AURALiC's Lighting streaming platform has continued to evolve, being designed and consistently updated in-house. With a focus on providing the best possible sound and an outstanding user experience, Lightning streaming includes several unique features such as memory cache, CD playback and ripping, and wireless streaming up to 384 PCM and DSD512, AURALiC tells us.

Its Lightning DS iOS app provides native integration with high-resolution streaming services like Amazon Music, Qobuz, and HighResAudio, TIDAL and more, depending on the region. It also fully supports TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Bluetooth and acts as a Roon Ready endpoint.

The bigger news, however, is the G1.1 update which brings two new features common to both models. The ARIES G1.1 and ALTAIR G1.1 now feature the high-mass base from the company's award-winning G2.1 series products. This satin silver base plate is said to improve their overall aesthetic and provides extra vibration damping for better sonic performance. Both units now also support AirPlay 2, further expanding your streaming options. 

Gareth Weller, Director of HiFi Collective, which distributes AURALiC in Australia, while NA Distributors represents the brand in New Zealand, told StereoNET:

With these updates, AURALiC's G1.1 Series products will continue to lead their categories in technology and functionality, providing the best streaming experience in their market sector.

With the G1.1 update, you can now also purchase internal storage for the ARIES G1.1 Wireless Streaming Transporter. Simply connect it to your DAC and stream your favourite music wirelessly.

The ALTAIR G1.1 Digital Audio Streamer, with its robust Wi-Fi connectivity and analog output, is a clean one-box solution for all your digital music. Connect the ALTAIR G1.1 to your amplifier or powered speakers and enjoy a world of music streaming options at your fingertips. ALTAIR G1.1 has an improved Femto clock, providing an even higher level of precision for the integrated DAC. It also has a more powerful built-in headphone amplifier, making the headphone listening experience even better.

The AURALiC ARIES G1.1 and ALTAIR G1.1 are available now, and each retails for AU$4,995 | NZ$5,595 RRP.

For more information visit AURALiC


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