Posted on 2nd July, 2019


AudioQuest has introduced two new ranges of speaker cables – Mythical Creatures and Folk Heroes – which promise to have pushed the company's high standards even further.

AudioQuest's founder, William Low, working alongside Engineer Garth Powell, has created what they believe are the most transparent, get-out-of-the-way immersive speaker cables ever made.

The Mythical Creatures series, comprising ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon, are not merely an incremental evolution; their introduction represents a category advance in speaker cable design, according to the company.

AudioQuest Dragon Speaker Cable

Building on a solid base of familiar AudioQuest technologies, Garth and Bill specifically focused on addressing one of the most frustrating issues plaguing speaker cable design: the mismatch between the amplifier's source impedance and the speaker's load impedance. The tricky part of that is that a speaker's impedance changes with frequency, and the amplifier's output impedance is another story altogether.

Audioquest goes on to say that by eliminating the Mythical Creatures speaker cables' characteristic impedance entirely using the brand's propriety ZERO Technology, current compression and distortion of the signal (current) transient are significantly reduced.

AudioQuest Firebird Speaker Cable

The new Mythical Creatures ZERO speaker cables may be used in one of two ways: either as ideal Full-Range cables, or, in combination with a dedicated BASS cable in a BiWire cable assembly. ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon BASS cables incorporate AudioQuest's patented common-mode noise-rejection technology.

Closely related to the Mythical Creature Series, the Folk Heroes Series, comprises of two models - Robin Hood and William Tell. The cables are both available with either Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ or Solid Perfect-Surface Silver conductors.

AudioQuest Thunderbird Speaker Cable

Like the larger-gauge cables of the Mythical Creatures Series, William Tell and Robin Hood can be used in one of two ways: either employing the ZERO model for Full-Range, or a ZERO model in combination with a dedicated BASS cable, as a fully optimised BiWire Combination cable.

Additionally, William Tell BASS and Robin Hood BASS also feature AudioQuest's patented common-mode noise-rejection tech. Along with the Mythical Creatures, AudioQuest is confident that the new speaker cables significantly outperform previous technology at controlling and draining radio-frequency noise.

AudioQuest William Tell Speaker Cable

The technology used in both Mythical Creatures and Folk Heroes cables include:

  • ZERO: ZERO Technology equals no characteristic impedance for uncompressed current transfer
  • PS: Perfect-Surface conductor technology
  • NDS: linear Noise-Dissipation System technologies
  • GND: patented Ground-Noise Dissipation System in BASS cables
  • DBS: 72V Dielectric-Bias System with CARBON-level Radio-Frequency Noise Trap

Availability and price

The cables are available now. Please see below for the relevant pricing.

Mythical Creatures pricing (AUD RRP based on 3m lengths)

  • Dragon Zero $44,000
  • Dragon Bass $34,000
  • FireBird Zero $24,000
  • FireBird Bass $19,000
  • Thunderbird Zero $7,500
  • Thunderbird Bass $5,900

Folk Heroes pricing (AUD RRP based on 3m lengths)

  • William Tell Zero Silver $11,200
  • William Tell Zero $4,900
  • William Tell Bass $3,300
  • Robin Hood Zero Silver $8,000
  • Robin Hood Zero $3,000
  • Robin Hood Bass $2,800

For more information visit Audioquest.

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