Posted on 3rd May, 2018


No really, when we write yet again about Audio-Technica’s M50x headphone, it feels like we’re extras in the movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.

That’s because there is a recurring theme about the M50x Limited Edition model and it’s one always based on colour.

For anyone who’s mystified by all this, let’s rewind.

Audio-Technica released the first M50x in 2012, and every year it has re-released this model in a different colour.

Last year Audio-Technica opted for a very red, red. So red, you couldn’t help spot the 2017 Limited Edition M50 in a raging bushfire.

This year we’re revisiting the M50 because it has just been released in a Blue/Black finish as the ATH-M50XBB.

So like we said, it’s like living a reoccurring dream.

Lucky for us, we couldn’t give a toss what colour a Limited Edition M50 comes in. The fact remains it’s one of our fave headphones and Audio-Technica’s most popular headphones.

Pricewise at $279, it’s a bargain no matter the colour. A price that explains why some serious headphone buffs have snaffled up one of the M50s each year since 2012 to add to their collection.

So we arrive at the svelte Black/Blue version to mark 2018, and we are pleased to announce they sound as good as ever. Like M50s, to be precise.

Which is to say they offer a completely satisfying listen from the top to the bottom of the frequency range. Buyers have always liked the amount of sound 45mm large-aperture drivers clad with rare earth magnets and copper-plated aluminium coils, deliver to their ears.

The M50’s 90-degree swivelling earcups are intended for one-ear monitoring, but we know a few young gamers who love to swivel an earcup when Mum is bending their ear about the state of their room. Makes them feel like a diligent studio pro and lends an added gravitas to this familial and daily exchange, they say.

They also say, the M50s are collapsible, and this makes them a doodle to stash in a bag during a commute. Detachable cables are also a nice “gimme” that allows them to cable roll just like other audiophiles “tube roll” their valve gear.

The Blue/Black 2018 ATH-M50XBB joins those finished in Red, Black, and White that is also currently available.

For more information visit Audio-Technica.


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