Audio Pro Announces New C10 Wireless Speaker

Posted on 23rd June, 2021

Audio Pro Announces New C10 Wireless Speaker

Audio Pro has announced its upgraded and full-featured C10 MkII wireless multiroom speaker.

Audio Pro's C10 MkII expands its predecessor's features such as AirPlay, Bluetooth, aux and RCA inputs, and access to music streaming services via wi-fi by adding AirPlay 2 and Google Cast streaming smarts.

Audio Pro C10 MkII

This means that you now have a three-way choice as to how you control your C10 MkII-based multi-room environment. If you're an Apple fan, then  AirPlay 2 is most likely going to be your thing. Google Cast, meanwhile, will suit others, especially those with other compatible speakers dotted about the place. Of course, there's also Audio Pro's own app.

Audio Pro C10 MkII

Additionally, the Swedish firm has tweaked the speaker's electronics and revised the bass port design for better flow to enhance the woofer, which is partnered with a pair of tweeters.

Audio Pro C10 MkII

Jens Henriksen, the company's chief commercial officer, told StereoNET:

This new triple function comes after customer feedback requested flexibility and choice in how they can enjoy audio via Audio Pro multiroom systems. Being able to connect Audio Pro speakers with others that use Google Cast or AirPlay 2 provides endless capabilities.

Audio Pro C10 MkII

You now get half a dozen user-defined preset buttons enabling quick access to any playlist and radio station you allocate. Finally, the new C10 also boasts a magnetic fabric mesh speaker grille.
The Audio Pro C10 MkII is available in Australia for $649.95 in Arctic White, Storm Grey, or Coal Black finishes.


Audio Pro's C10 was a highly-regarded portable wireless speaker and the MkII looks to build on this. We can't fault its contemporary styling and, along with the newly added features, the C10 MkII is an attractive option, even with the slight price increase.

Visit Audio Pro for more information

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