Audience Releases New Studio RCA and XLR Cables

Posted on 19th May, 2021

Audience Releases New Studio RCA and XLR Cables

Since 1997, highly respected American brand Audience has been producing its range of audio components, with its unique approach to product design, execution and craftsmanship. 

Today, the company has announced its Studio ONE and Studio TWO Series interconnects and speaker cables, designed to offer exceptional high-end sound quality. Studio ONE and Studio TWO are available as RCA, and XLR (balanced) interconnects and speaker cable. The Studio ONE line-up also includes phono and headphone cables and a new power chord.

The Studio ONE Series replaces the previous Au24SE cable line, and according to the company, “offers upgraded performance at no increase in price, now incorporating high-purity OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire and an improved XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) dielectric material.”

Studio ONE cables also receive Audience's proprietary EHVP Extreme High-Voltage Process, which applies high voltages in specific combinations to align the crystalline structure of the various metals used in the cables, facilitating more efficient signal transfer – and better sound.

Audience's Studio TWO cables are the successor to the previously available Conductor SE line-up. They utilise the same core wire as Studio ONE without the EHVP treatment and feature different connectors. Like the Studio ONE, these cables deliver significantly better performance than the models they replace, with improved dynamics, coherence and realism, without a price increase.

John McDonald, President of Audience, told StereoNET:

Thanks to advances in our manufacturing processes and ability to obtain better materials, our new Studio ONE and Studio TWO products offer even better value to discerning audiophiles. They deliver the exceptional quality of sound that Audience has become acclaimed for, offering a rich, detailed and natural presentation with wide dynamics, spaciousness and an accurate tonal balance. They deliver superb transient response and a wealth of musical information without ever sounding 'hard' or 'etched,' and are ideal for a wide range of high-end audio components and systems.

Like all Audience products, Studio ONE and Studio TWO interconnects, speaker cables and power cords are made in the USA from premium materials to the highest manufacturing quality standards. So confident is Audience in their products' reliability, an unconditional lifetime warranty comes standard with all its cables.

Audience Studio ONE cables are available now, starting at $1,560 RRP for a meter pair of RCA interconnects. Studio TWO cables are also available now, starting at $1,000 RRP for a meter pair of RCA interconnects. Additional lengths and configurations are also available to order.

For more information visit Audience


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