Artnovion Announces Stylish Sparta Acoustic Panels

Posted on 14th October, 2020

Artnovion Announces Stylish Sparta Acoustic Panels

Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing range of acoustic solutions, Artnovion, has announced its Sparta range will be available in Australia for the very first time.

Artnovion has long been the choice of interior designers and cinema designers thanks to its stunning looks and superior performance. Artnovion was also chosen as the acoustic solutions brand on The Block television show in 2019. Its new Sparta range designed for residential and hi-fi applications is a classic design available in both suede fabric and a tight fabric weave finish.

The absorbers sized at 1190mm x 60mm x 595mm are available in a multitude of colour choices. For the technically minded, the absorption range is 350Hz – 8000Hz, which is designed for acoustic improvements including improved speech intelligibility, noise control and reducing excessive reverberations.

For those applications where speakers are installed into the walls, the Sparta Fabric Weave option is a very clever speaker cover design made from an acoustically transparent material. It allows designers to hide wall speakers while offering effective absorption with minimal interference with the speaker’s performance. 

Installation is also easy with a simple integrated mounting system. The panels can also be rotated 90 degrees. A template is provided to make the installation task even simpler.

Available in Australia later this year, Sparta sells in cartons of 4 pieces of Sparta Suede finish from $1,196 RRP. Home Cinema packages are also available, so speak to your local dealer for more information on complimentary design services.

For more information visit Artnovion


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