Antipodes Audio Announces Oladra Server-Player-Reclocker

Posted on 27th April, 2022

Antipodes Audio Announces Oladra Server-Player-Reclocker

Antipodes is preparing the new Oladra music server for its debut at the Munich High End Show in May 2022.

The Antipodes Oladra streaming server and reclocker marks a decade since the New Zealand-based company first marketed its music servers internationally and combines these functions in a single, sleekly attractive chassis.

Antipodes Olandra

Oladra offers outputs including Direct Stream Ethernet (RJ45), USB UAC-2 (A), S/PDIF (RCA and BNC), AES3 (3-Pin XLR) and I2S (HDMI and RJ45).

The server side of Oladra boasts 64GB RAM and utilises Antipode's new high-power V7H computing engine to run the likes of Squeeze Server, Roon Server, HQPlayer Server, Plex Server, etc. Additionally, it offers an external Direct Stream link to play to the Ethernet input on a DAC and has an ultra-high-speed proprietary link to stream to the Player engine. Furthermore, onboard storage can be user-expanded up to 24TB via three SSD bays at the rear.

Antipodes Olandra

Meanwhile, Oladra's streamer uses the company's V7X computing engine mated to 8GB of RAM to run Player apps such as Squeeze (Squeezelite), Roon (Roon Ready), HQPlayer NAA, MPD, etc. The Player offers a USB Audio output to play to the USB input of a DAC and provides galvanically isolated transmission to the Reclocker engine.

Antipodes Olandra

Finally, for the reclocking stage, Oladra employs an FPGA managed, oven-controlled high-end clock. This is fed by a high-quality power supply using Graphene super-capacitor smoothing and discrete line drivers for S/PDIF (RCA and BNC), I2S (RJ45 and HDMI), AES3 (3-pin XLR) outputs, says Antipodes. The company adds that “because this reclocker is superior to the reclocking in almost any DAC available at any price, the synchronous outputs (S/PDIF, AES3, I2S) of the Oladra provide you with the best sound quality”. You can check out Antipode's reasoning here.

We are told that the Oladra employs the very latest generation of Intel chipsets and two new motherboards. Antipodes says that the new chipsets demanded new higher-speed power supplies be developed to get the best sound from them.

Antipodes Olandra

As with all Antipodes models, you can easily choose/ switch between Squeeze, Roon, MPD, HQPlayer, UPnP/DLNA and other popular playback solutions.

Oladra promises a “new level of detail richness, musical flow and naturalness not experienced before with digital audio”.

The Antipodes Oladra will premier at High End Munich 2022 next month, with shipping to start in August 2022. The Oladra is available in black or silver and will sell in Australia for $35,000 RRP.

Visit Antipodes Audio for more information

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