Posted on 17th May, 2019


Anthem has announced the immediate availability of its third-generation ARC room correction platform, dubbed 'Genesis'.

Anthem says its latest release was influenced by a three-year study undertaken by Canada's National Research Council titled, The Athena Project and involved such notables as Dr Floyd Toole.

ARC Genesis software is compatible with Anthem receivers and surround pre-amps, in addition to ARC or PBK enabled Paradigm and Martin Logan products. The only components not able to use the new Genesis software are legacy products that rely solely on RS-232 for connection.

As with previous incarnations of ARC, the new software is available for download from the product's homepage and is compatible with both Windows and MAC. 

Working in conjunction with the calibrated microphone, ARC Genesis is said to offer 'a whole new level of room correction'. Improvements include new target curve adjustment options, including deep bass and high frequencies, the ability to save, start and resume individual measurements.

Genesis now also allows users to retake individual measurements, enabling them to assess the impact of changes such as speaker position and delays quickly.

Other changes include an improved algorithm, updated user interface and the ability to set different maximum correction frequencies for each set of speakers. Automatic speaker/subwoofer phase alignment is also available for Anthem STR products.

Having a very positive experience with ARC's second-generation software when we reviewed Anthem's MRX-1120 in 2017, we're keen to see what the new Genesis software has to offer. 

Keen to put ARC Genesis to use, Anthem's MRX-720 AV Reciever has just arrived at StereoNET for review. Stay tuned!

For more information visit Anthem.


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