Analog Audio banking on Reel-to-Reel revival with TR-1000 Tape Recorder

Posted on 3rd December, 2019

Analog Audio banking on Reel-to-Reel revival with TR-1000 Tape Recorder

The reel to reel resurgence appears to continue with Analog Audio Design revealing its TR-1000 design. The French company announced that it was in the process of producing the “future of reel tape recorders” back in April, now it seems that Analog Audio Design has a finalised version of the TR-1000 tape recorder.

Analog Audio Design TR-1000

While the TR-1000 might not be as cutting edge in aesthetics as the offering from Metaxas and Sins, it is perfect for those looking for the classic R2R styling cues of a wooden cabinet, recessed carrying handles on the sides and dancing VU meters on the front panel.

However, upon closer inspection, you will spot the large screen offset on the lower right side of the tape recorder.

Analog Audio Design TR-1000

There is a row of physical buttons below the screen for general control, such as forward, rewind, play and record, but you can also make adjustments and access more settings via the touchscreen display.  For instance, the machine can calculate the length of the tape being used by you entering the reel diameter size. That allows the player to slow down the speed it's spinning the reels as it reaches the end of the tape and prevents any damage.

Additionally, you can set the speed in inches, set timers and labels, select the equalisation format (NAB or IEC), adjust the tape tension, as well as low or high impedance settings. Also, you can have so that when you reach the end of the tape, the TR-1000 will automatically rewind the tape and then set it to immediately start re-playing.

Analog Audio Design TR-1000

Another nod to the modern age is that the TR-1000 is networked. Don't worry though analogue purists - this is so that the recorder can receive firmware updates as well as offering remote control - this can be via tablet, phone or web browser.

We have yet to receive confirmed pricing. However, we have had word that the company hopes to present the machine at the High End Show in Munich, 2020.

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