Accuphase Releases 50th Anniversary C3900 Preamplifier

Posted on 16th September, 2020

Accuphase Releases 50th Anniversary C3900 Preamplifier

With just about every major or minor brand celebrating a landmark date, anniversary models don’t seem to have the impact or cachet value audio marketing crews would desire.

But a new model from Accuphase bucks that trend significantly for the good reason that this high-end brand rarely releases any new models.

So a new preamplifier called the C3900 built to highlight the company’s 50th anniversary really is cause for audiophiles to raise their glass and have a tipple or two.

Accuphase opened shop way back in 1972, well before CD’s and home cinema’s arrival, but plumb within the golden age of analogue, and that means turntables and two-channel stereo gear. 

So with its roots deep in analogue, Accuphase has ever since released a carefully select line-up of stereo models highly prized by the audiophile community.
Soon after in 1972, Western Australia based Arena Distributors began importing Accuphase and to use a real estate term: the brand has been tightly held ever since.

Half a century later, Arena will distribute the new C3900 preamplifier to mark the brand’s original birthday. The C-3900 is the second model to mark this occasion. The first was the E-800 Class A integrated amplifier.
So what can we expect via the C3900? You can tick premium parts from top to bottom of the formidable chassis. Add another for these parts being put to use on an intelligent circuit that uses a discrete input stage with current feedback and a high gain factor.

The C3900 is equipped with AAVA volume control which stands for Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier technology. AAVA first employed in the C-2800 preamplifier is a pure analogue solution for volume control without relying on transistors.

Instead, it converts the music signal into 16 differently weighted currents. Thee are then used in combinations set by the position of the volume control.

Befitting its role as a flagship model, the C3900 features separate toroidal transformers, one for each channel and in-house developed filtering capacitors.
Separate amplifiers are used for left and right channels along with printed circuit boards using glass cloth fluorocarbon resin.

The anniversary preamplifier features extensive analog switching. There are seven unbalanced and four balanced inputs, an unbalanced and balanced inputs of the through channel for integrating the component into home theatre systems, two unbalanced and two balanced adjustable outputs and a linear output for recording.

The construction quality of the C3900’s massive wood cabinet that has a natural wood finish is, as you’d expect immaculate.
The C3900 is available on order only priced at $45,000 RRP in Australia.

For more information visit Accuphase


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