Ultrasone Performance New Models

Posted on 23rd November, 2014

Ultrasone Performance New Models

With a gold-plated, 40-millimetre sound transducer, the Ultrasone Performance 840, 860 and 880 are the latest releases in headphone luxury and technology, in the marketplace. 

With S-Logic® Technology across the family of Ultrasone Performance releases, according to Ultrasone, the performance is unlike any other. This specially developed and patented technology provides a decentralised arrangement of the sound transducers to provide a unique reproduction of your favourite tracks.

The 840 + 860

Featuring impressive clarity, the Ultrasone Performance appeals across a wide spectrum, from the professional sound recorder to the everyday music listener. With agile base and black ear cup composition, the Ultrasone Performance 860 promises impressive linearity. Similarly, the Ultrasone Performance 840 promises to be captivating with tonal range and clarity of sound, both units proving to be the ultimate must-have for the Holiday season. 

The 880

The third member of the Ultrasone Performance family is top of class. For use in the studio as you mix tracks to watching your favorite action movie or new release, the Ultrasone Performance 880 combines the needs of everyone from studio professionals to the music fanatic. 

Curious about comfort? The new headband adjusts perfectly to all head types. Featuring memory foam for a tailored feel, the headband promises to adjust perfectly to the contours of any frame. 

Whether you are a studio professional or simply enjoy listening to music, the Ultrasone series presents a new range of headphones for everyone. 

Pricing Information:

  • Ultrasone Performance 840: RRP $399
  • Ultrasone Performance 860: RRP $499
  • Ultrasone Performance 880: RRP $649

Ultrasone is distributed in Australia by Busisoft.

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