StereoNET was founded in 2000 by enthusiast Marc Rushton, who discovered there was a lack of local information and content relating to HiFi, Home Theatre and general Consumer Electronics in Australia.

Originally launched under the name of 'Planet Audio Australia', the website enjoyed early success and grew quickly. In 2003, Planet Audio Australia was the subject of a legal battle from a US based brand sharing the same name and while successful in defending ourselves, to avoid future confusion the name was changed to StereoNET Australia.

StereoNET has continued to grow rapidly each year thanks to the dedication and direction of Marc, along with the invaluable support of the volunteering Moderators.

This success and dedication to the Australian induistry was recognised in 2012 by being awarded an Honorary Member of the Australian HiFi Assocation. StereoNET is extremely proud of this recognition and we look forward to continuing our journey as the most popular and successful HiFi and Home Theatre website and organisation in Australia.

StereoNET currently attracts in excess of 100,000 readers per month predominantly from Australia, but also attracts readers from Netherlands, Great Britain, United States, Philippines and Malaysia.

Thank you to you as a reader, supporter and fan of StereoNET Australia.