Sydney’s Head-Fi Destination, Minidisc Australia

Posted on 25th March, 2016

Sydney’s Head-Fi Destination, Minidisc Australia

Tucked away on the second floor in busy Chatswood, Sydney, hides an oasis for the headphone and head-fi enthusiast. Minidisc Australia, and while the name is perhaps reminiscent of an era now long gone, there’s nothing dated about this company’s current operation.

Proprietor, Wing Li, started the business 14 years ago, with a keen interest in all things portable audio. He jokes, “it was an excuse to buy new gear”. As the market evolved Li followed suit, keeping up with the new trends and technology.

Minidisc Australia, Chatswood Sydney

Today, the business specialises in headphones of all flavours, as well as the growing desktop audio category, and of course their specialty, portable audio and the mammoth range of digital audio players and DACs.

One look at the newly located and furbished store and you’ll agree Minidisc Australia is no pop-up store cashing in on the increasingly popular headphone market.

Minidisc Australia, Chatswood Sydney

No expense was spared in the fitout, with a store that resembles a very inviting high-end lounge with an entire library of gear from $59 buds, through to headphone amps and DACs worth many thousands of dollars. In fact, there’s over 150 pairs of headphones and IEMs available to listen to.

Being a specialist store allows Li to work with you to provide expert advice, and customers are welcome to spend as long as they want listening in the lounge. You’re encouraged to bring along your own music, and Li assures us there’s no sales pressure, as only the customer can decide which product sounds best to them.

Minidisc Australia, Chatswood Sydney

According to Li, the last 5 or so years have shown a surge in head-fi products. We’ve seen a lot of established manufacturers from the traditional HiFi market jump in with Head-Fi products. Boundaries are being pushed by designers, premium gear is getting more premium, and Li is enjoying the greater variety and number of brands he can now offer his customers.

Some of the popular brands in store include Sennheiser, Oppo, Shure, Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica and Hifiman, though the range is extensive and ever expanding.

Minidisc Australia, Chatswood Sydney

Maybe it’s got something to do with the changing ways in which we live; smaller spaces? Many don’t have the room for a traditional HiFi setup or don’t want to impose their music on an entire household. Or maybe it’s thanks to Apple and the revolutionary iPod; a new world of music lovers now exists that are now yearning for higher fidelity sound.

Either way, it puts Minidisc Australia and their immaculately presented Chatswood store in the right place, at the right time.

Minidisc Australia, Chatswood Sydney

Minidisc Australia is located at Shop M3, 465 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW.
You can visit their website at

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