Stereonet Awards: 2018 Melbourne International Hi-FI Show

Posted on 18th October, 2018

Stereonet Awards: 2018 Melbourne International Hi-FI Show

The Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show has drawn to a close for another year in what goes down as one of the most well-attended shows in decades with over 3,000 attendees across three days.

A testament to the marketing of the StereoNET backed and organised show; there were even some high-profile music executives were spotted traversing the halls at times.

Riding on the back of the vinyl revival, stereo sound has seen a resurgence which is evident by the amount of interest in 2-channel demonstrations. The drawcard of the world-first Krix 24.10.10 Dolby Atmos cinema simply cannot be ignored, and certainly attracted many more home cinema enthusiasts who were treated to four different price-point home cinema systems.

It was clear to all that the show has evolved and exhibitors went to a lot of trouble to treat rooms with acoustic solutions this year, and the result was the best sounding rooms of the show's three years of existence. A special mention also goes to Sonitus Acoustics who offered acoustic solution packages to this year's exhibitors.

Judges for this year's StereoNET Awards included members of our review team, senior forum members, and other members of the Hi-Fi and Tech press.

StereoNET's full show coverage can be found here, and without further ado, we 'd like to announce our picks from this year's show.

BEST SOUND IN SHOW (Australian Manufacturer)

WINNER - SGR Audio Maestro Active System (Park Room)
Highly Commended - Hulgich Audio / Holton Audio (Room 1311)

2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show - Best Sound - SGR Audio

BEST SOUND IN SHOW (International Manufacturer)

WINNER: Kharma International (Radiance AV, Room M4)
Highly Commended- Dutch & Dutch 8c / Kii Audio THREE

2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show - Best Sound - Kharma


WINNER: Kharma International (Radiance AV, Room M4)

Best Sound in Show


WINNER: Krix 24.10.10 Dolby Atmos Cinema
(in conjunction with Barco and Trinnov Audio)
Highly Commended - Selby Acoustics (Room 1206/1207)

2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show - Best Cinema Award


WINNER - Legend Loudspeakers (Room 1315)
Highly Commended - Osborn Loudspeakers (Albert Room)

Legend Loudspeakers, Best Value Award, 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show


WINNER - Chord Electronics (Park Room)
Highly Commended - Beyerdynamic (Pullman Lobby)

Chord Electronics, Best HeadFi - Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show


WINNER - M8Audio (Room 1201)
Highly Commended - Lucie Audio / Microphase Audio Design (Room 1203)

Best Newcomer Award


WINNER - SGR Audio (Park Room)
Highly Commended- Lucie Audio / Microphase Audio Design (Room 1203)

Best Presented Space - SGR Audio


WINNER - Yamaha 5000 Series (Lake 3)
Highly Commended - Mark Levinson / Revel Speakers (State Ballroom)
Highly Commended - Aequo Audio Stilla Active Speakers (Lake 4)

Best Product Debut - Yamaha


WINNER - VAF Research (Lake 1/2)
Highly Commended - Selby Acoustics (1206/1207/1310)

VAF Research - Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show


WINNER - Tom Garrett (Trinnov Audio) Krix Cinema
Highly Commended - Paul Morrison (Isoacoustics)
Highly Commended - Mark Dohmann (Telos Audio)

Tom Garrett - Krix - Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show


WINNER - Involve Audio (Room 1203)

Congratulations to all exhibitors for their efforts at the 2018 Melbourne International HiFi Show to put on a show for Australian consumers and enthusiasts that has no equal.

For more information on any of the exhibitors, please visit this page.

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