Keep Your AV Gear Cool with AC Infinity

Posted on 2nd December, 2021

Keep Your AV Gear Cool with AC Infinity

Tony O’Brien keeps his cool with the help of these innovative audio equipment ventilation systems…

Excessive heat and poor ventilation are threats to expensive audiovisual gear. Extreme heat can shorten the lifespan or even destroy equipment, and the situation is exasperated by the low lines of modern AV furniture. Now though, US-based company AC Infinity is tackling this problem with a range of affordable cooling products. It has an impressive portfolio of such things, with solutions for everything from components to entertainment centres and even AV racks, closets and the room itself.

The company’s MULTIFAN series of USB-powered fans provide both spot cooling solutions and blower fans that can be very easily placed directly on top of components to draw out heat. Available in 40, 80, 120 and 140mm size fans, each is powered by a custom PWM motor with dual-bearing fans to maximise airflow and minimise noise. All models provide variable speeds and can be daisy-chained from the same power source where additional cooling is required.

A Turbo Power Fan Adaptor is also available, increasing performance by a quarter, it is claimed. It’s part of a range of accessories and controllers supporting the MULTIFAN series. The surface-mounted Controller 1 adds a corded thermal probe with a preset temperature trigger. Controller 2 and Controller 8 – also compatible with cabinet fans – add intelligent thermal control, automated programming, alarm systems and power failure memory.

For those wanting a more elegant or sophisticated all-in-one solution for component cooling, AC Infinity offers the AIRCOM Series. An intelligent cooling solution, it automatically adjusts cooling in response to changes in temperature and incorporates three ultra-quiet fans with custom PWM motors to generate maximum airflow while keeping noise at a minimum. The T Series adds an LCD controller with advanced functions, such as temperature readout and a fan failure alarm. The T Series can also be daisy-chained with additional fans from its USB inputs.

Housed in a black brush metal case and standing just over 38mm tall, the AIRCOM Series is designed to match the appearance of AV components. With a rated weight load of 13.6kg, these coolers can be placed either on top or between components. They’re available with rear, front and top exhaust fans for compatibility with various AV furniture and cabinets.

If you’re looking to cool an entire entertainment centre or cabinet, the AIRPLATE Series offers a range of bespoke solutions. Offering the same custom low noise and high airflow construction, they’re designed to be flush-mounted directly into AV furniture. Available in single, dual and triple fan configurations, this series is also supported by a range of accessories, including LCD displays and passive air grills for ventilation. Finished in a black brushed metal frame, an optional white grille enclosure is also available.

Installers and enthusiasts will be interested to discover that AC Infinity also carries a range of cooling solutions for AV racks that can be mounted directly into AV and Server racks. The CLOUDPLATE Series features a programable LCD controller that automatically adjusts cooling in response to rising temperatures. The controller can also provide temperature alarms, fan warnings, status alerts and memory backup. It’s available in 1U, 2U and 3U – depending on the amount of air control required – and comes in top, front and rear exhaust configurations.

The AIRFRAME Series is designed to cool components stored in closets, rooms and large enclosures. The range comprises 17” intake and exhaust systems, with 22” systems currently in design. Available in black and white, both AIRFRAME intake and exhaust systems come with a programable LCD display, thermostat controller with automated speed control, alarm warnings and backup memory. It uses the same custom PWM motor and fans, the latter covered with a nylon mesh filter that prevents dust from entering the room or enclosure. AIRFRAME has an anodised aluminium construction and can be flush mounted in doors and cabinets for a clean and professional appearance.

AC Infinity offers a dizzying range of products and accessories that can be customised for many applications. If you’re the least bit concerned about heat buildup and ventilation of your AV equipment, AC Infinity cooling is an essential addition to your entertainment centre.

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