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This Father's Day, Sunday 2nd September, why not pick up a turntable for Dad, or if he's already entered the analog world then check out some of these other gift ideas.

Pro-Ject Primary E Turntable - $349 RRP

Pro-Ject Primary E Turntable

Since launching in October 2016, Pro-Ject’s Primary turntable has been an international success. The newly updated Primary E has been designed to bring real quality audio to those on a tight budget.  With a keen price, this 'Made in Europe' turntable comes equipped with an Ortofon OM cartridge and is preset from the factory, meaning Dad will be spinning tunes in no time on Father's Day.

The Vinyl Inspired Bathroom Has Arrived - POA

The Vinyl Inspired Turntable

When nature calls, what better way to pass the time than with the warmth and sweetness of vinyl playback?

OK, so it doesn't play records, but for the vinyl lover that already has everything, what's better than a vinyl inspired bathroom?

AnalogMagik Takes out the Guesswork - $989 RRP

AnalogMagik Phono Cartridge Setup Software

Many would argue that phono cartridge setup is a black art. It's not really, but it does require experience, a good ear and a steady hand. Thanks to AnalogMagik, its ingenious cartridge setup software takes all the guesswork and listening tests out of the procedure.

All you're left with is a perfectly aligned and tuned cartridge and the software to repeat the process each time you change cartridges for years to come.

Music Hall's MMF1.5 Turntable is Plug 'n Play - $599 RRP

Music Hall MMF1.5 Turntable

Music Hall is no newcomer to vinyl with decades of design and manufacturing experience under its belt. Its latest release, the MMF1.5, includes an alloy tonearm, Music Hall Melody MM cartridge, 3-speed belt drive design, and features a built-in phono pre-amplifier ready for connection straight to your existing stereo.

Tunes by 9 am Father's Day. Gotta be happy with that!

The Perfect Way to Display Your Vinyl - $640 RRP

IKEA has made a fortune with its storage boxes for vinyl. And while it's a practical and affordable solution, there' s a better way to display and browse your vinyl thanks to New Zealand's Soul to Sole Audio.

The TUI holds up to 100 LP's, has been designed and manufactured in New Zealand and the smart looking unit will fit into any living room situation without looking out of place.

Get Into Vinyl as easy as 0 to 33.3 in 30 seconds - $699 RRP

By making their most successful turntable sound better and even easier to use, Rega's ‘Plug & Play’ all-in-one package can simply and quickly bring the sound of Vinyl to almost any audio system.

The Planar 1 PLUS turntable is affordable and recently attracted a 5 Star review from the respected What Hi-Fi? publication in the UK.

Back to the Future with Kozmophone - From $299 USD

The Kozmophone is the kind of turntable the Jetsons would have loved to buy. The funky makeover of Edison’s original phonograph is a Bluetooth equipped turntable that can conjure up holographic images.

With a nod to Edison’s pioneering sound machine, the Kozmophone is a turntable with a modern twist that features a large horn speaker.

It's bright. It's yellow. It's a submarine! - $799 RRP

Pro-Ject's Number Five has the shape of the iconic yellow submarine from the Beatle’s much-loved movie of the same name, but it’s a turntable.

It’s hard to go beyond the dazzling shape and colour of this turntable. It’s so cool looking. But pry beyond the submarine plinth, and you’ll discover a decent quality belt driven vinyl spinner.

But how to keep your precious vinyl clean? - $159 RRP

Older records in circulation are now being picked up at fairs, op-shops and passed down from family members and played once more. Not surprisingly, many of these records have accumulated years of dust and all things bad deep down in the grooves and really need a bit of a wash to play at their best once more.

The Knosti Disco-Antistat is the answer and will inevitably become a Sunday morning routine task. Affordable, practical and almost therapeutic.

Your Precious Vinyl Needs Norweigan Wood - $2400 approx

What to get the vinyl lover that already has everything? The HDRL Vinyl Table offers an elegant design, hidden storage for electronics and a display bay for 200 records, along with cable management. It's a stunning yet functional way to house your system and display what is probably a small percentage of your vinyl.

Handmade in Norway, it's not going to arrive in time for the big day, but print a picture and give that to Dad while you wait out the shipping time. He'll be even more thankful when it arrives.

Happy Vinyl Father's Day for this Sunday. We hope your analog dreams come true!

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