2022 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show Gallery

Posted on 14th June, 2022

2022 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show Gallery

The 2022 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show in Melbourne has finally happened. After one cancellation and two postponements, thanks to you know what, we finally had the opportunity to touch, smell and hear the latest and greatest brands from around the world.

StereoNET Show Entrance, Krix Cinema Speaker

We often wondered whether we'd ever get the opportunity to experience shows again in the non-virtual world. Still, we're pleased to have successfully done so and smash attendance records of all previously held Australian shows of its type.

2022 Stereonet Melbourne Hi-Fi Show Entrance

With just shy of 5,000 attendees comprising all ages, families, and importantly, the next generation of consumers and enthusiasts, and from all capital cities of Australia and in between, we even welcomed attendees from Israel, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, USA and many more countries. Exhibitors were met by enthusiastic crowds from the show opening on Friday morning, across the weekend and right up until the show closed its doors for 2022 on a wintry Sunday afternoon in June. These numbers, we're proud to say, are nearly double the total attendance of all previously organised shows held in Australia.

Our usually strong (in numbers) team was down many members thanks to the pandemic that's not quite ready to let go of its grip on normal life yet, combined with the venue that was reported to be running at only 25 per cent of its pre-pandemic staff numbers. Special thanks also to StereoNET Asia Editor, Eugene Ng who flew in from Singapore to help out. Yet, the old adage “the show must go on” was the order of the day (or, in this case, the weekend), and it was full steam ahead. This is why any StereoNET-generated show coverage is very light-on this time, and frankly, covering our own show could be considered 'self-serving', so instead, we'd prefer to throw over to our colleagues and friends from other local publications to fill in the gaps. 

Starting with Ed Kramer from Soundstage Australia! where you can read his two-part coverage focusing on most rooms and spaces. In fairness, the busyness of the show combined with many sessions requiring pre-booking makes for a recipe of simply not being able to see and hear everything on offer. But the hard-working Ed single-handedly did his best to bring the highlights to readers. We offer our sincere thanks to Ed and Soundstage Australia!, who, it should be pointed out, has attended and covered every StereoNET show since its inception in 2016. Thanks, Ed!

Ed Kramer, Soundstage Australia! (L), Alfred Vassilkov, Estelon President (R), Photo Credit - Ilias Koutromanos

Part One Here | Read Part Two

Built Montage is the new kid on the block and enjoying surging popularity in the YouTube space covering the home cinema category. Tony James is as likable as they come, and he worked tirelessly across the entire weekend to offer an in-person perspective for those not physically able to get to the show. 

Build Montage - Tony James, StereoNET - Marc Rushton
Tony James, Build Montage (L) - Marc Rushton (R), StereoNET Founder & Show Organiser

Tony produced a series of videos, with more to come, offering Behind the Scenes footage, show highlights, and live streaming, and we're told more videos to come. 

Check those out below:

Other publications were in attendance, too - more press than all previous shows, which is a testament to the resurgence in home entertainment as we emerge from the pandemic. We look forward to those publications coming online with show coverage in the coming weeks. For now, though, most are taking a well-earned rest.

Answering the call from show supporters and exhibitors for many years, we announced back in January that the show will head to Sydney in 2023 for the first time before returning to Melbourne with a new format in 2024. Stay tuned for more details, and register your interest here

StereoNET Show Fans

Finally, our most sincere thanks to all the exhibitors, attendees and press members for your support. There were many challenges facing all those involved, and together we overcame them to deliver and enjoy a genuinely successful show that the industry can be proud of and one that can continue to evolve in the coming years. 

For now please enjoy a selection of images below captured across the three days of the 2022 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show.


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