Peak Consult

Peak Consult was founded in 1996 by renowned loudspeaker designer Per Kristoffersen. Stunning to behold, every pair is hand-built to a rare standard of build quality in Denmark, but the true beauty of these loudspeakers lies in their ability to give you a ‘you are there’ feeling.

The ideology revolves around the observation that human engagement with music is connected to sonic qualities such as presence, intimacy and insight. All Peak Consult speakers are designed with those qualities front of mind and then crafted with the highest quality drivers, timbers & leathers.

Their classic appearance belies the design sophistication and modern technology enclosed within.
Every person in the Peak Consult team is a highly trained, skilled Danish artisan who builds each speaker by hand with the goal of creating the best loudspeaker possible.

Peak Consult have gained a solid reputation for the way they convey the nuances & tonal cues of a musical performance. The way instruments are located in space and the way the musical message is so effortlessly conveyed is remarkable. Rather than release new models every year, Peak Consult slowly evolve & refine each model over many years, slowly listening, adjusting and updating to perfection. A frequent comment made about these speakers by audiophiles is “they just sound right”.

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Peak Consult