London Cartridges

From its origins in the 19th century, the original Decca company was steeped in musical tradition. After producing the Decola radiogram, Decca produced a series of legendary cartridges and tonearms for decades, developing a reputation for excellent resolution and realism. Their entry level cartridges were so musical that many music enthusiasts simply never upgraded.

After the company was closed in 1989. Decca engineer John Wright was granted a licence to manufacture the products under the London brand name and his commitment to quality has continued the lineage of superb sounding, great value cartridges to this day.

Although John has designed two new models, he has been careful to maintain the fabled Decca sound quality in the London range. One of the secrets to this sound is that John still uses the original ‘positive scanning’ system and incorporates the latest design in diamond styli. Any of the current range may be ordered with a stylus to suit 78rpm or Mono LP playback.

The London Reference Cartridge was awarded ‘Best Analogue Component’ in the 2004 Hi-Fi News ‘Industry Awards’.

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London Cartridges